Modular panel construction photo

Modular Panel Construction and Design

The Braden Shielding Systems modular panel construction consists of zinc coated, G60 galvanized 28-gauge steel laminated to an industrial grade high-density wood core material. Panels are joined together with 1/8-inch zinc plated framing members. The panels are then roll-formed into shapes that provide uniform clamping pressure along panel edges, without the use of weld nuts or serrations.

Our fasteners consist of hardened steel, zinc plated,1/4-inch self-threading TORX™ screws placed on 4-inch centers. These screws provide 100 percent thread engagement, providing the highest quality RF shielding contact. Corner intersections are finished and sealed with cast bronze corner caps that are precision machined to conform to the intersecting modular panel framing members.

The Braden Shielding Systems enclosure will typically be constructed on an underlayment consisting of a 6 mm thick polyethylene vapor barrier and 1/8-inch thick dielectric hardboard. RF Seam Welded applications will be constructed on 1/2-inch cement board for protection during welding.

Any of the above designs can be completely custom, or the classic 3-meter, 5-meter, and 10-meter configurations.

Shielded door photo


Braden Shielding Systems offers the highest quality shielded doors available on the market today. We can accommodate most any size door that will meet and exceed our customers' expectations. From simple to complex operation systems, Braden Shielding can provide the solution to any door configuration, whether manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic of one of a kind custom design to work in conjunction with fire suppression systems and other systems operations.

The Braden Shielding Systems Recessed Contact Mechanism (RCM) door is complete with door leaf, door frame and all necessary hardware for complete shielding effectiveness for each chamber. The extruded bronze receptacle mounted to the door frame is designed to accept two rows of copper contact strips. These contact strips are inserted mechanically and held in place without the use of special tools or solder and are easily replaceable.

Our personnel door has a two-point latch system and is support by heavy duty, adjustable, thrust bearing hinges. The door hinges will be adjustable in both the vertical and horizontal direction to insure high accuracy alignment of the RCM mechanism.

Wave guide air vent photo

Wave Guide Air Vents

Our wave guide vents incorporate a steel hex-cell honeycomb, which will be a maximum 3/16-inch open cell and offer 98 percent free space for air flow. Waveguide vents are supplied with dielectric collars to connect to parent building HVAC ductwork. For higher attenuation needs, 1/8-inch open cell honeycomb is used as required.

Anechoic chamber photo

Anechoic Chambers

Braden offers a full range of anechoic chambers, including Electromagnetic Compatibility Chambers (EMC) and Free Space Chambers.

EMC chambers are used to perform radiated emissions and immunity testing of electronic equipment to various international standards. Free Space Chambers are designed to provide a ‘free space’ environment for antenna pattern measurements, radar cross section, flight simulation, wireless, etc.

Welded enclosure photo

Welded Enclosures

Braden Shielding Systems produces a wide range of welded enclosures, aluminum or steel, designed to provide high performance Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic field attenuation. These are constructed using seam welds that are RF tight, then tested to ensure 100% integrity on all welds in the chamber that exceed industry standards and makes us a leader in the field. Custom Radio Frequency Seam Welded rooms are also available per our scope of work, to provide an RF tight room for specific construction requirements.

Braden Shielding Systems services include the manufacture, installation and independent 3rd-party testing of your Radio Frequency Shielded enclosure. Whether it's freestanding or ceiling hung, or a custom chamber, we will provide an enclosure that exceeds your expectations, built by Braden Shielding craftsmen that have assembled thousands of innovative, quality chambers from start to finish, worldwide.