The seeds for Braden Shielding were planted nearly 100 years ago when Tulsa-based Braden Steel was formed and quickly became a major player in the growing steel industry. In 1986, Braden Shielding became a separate company, quickly emerging as a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, and installation of magnetic shielding products. In 2014 Braden Shielding acquired Panashield, a global provider of RF shielding and anechoic chambers. The acquisition has strengthened the overall service and support we provide to our clients.

Since then we have become an industry leader, providing shielding solutions to customers in the medical and commercial/defense industries. From our first customer 33 years ago to the countless companies and organizations we now serve across the globe, our mission remains the same:

To provide our customers with the finest radio frequency and magnetic shielded enclosures in the world through uncompromising quality control, quick and accurate response to client needs and reliable, competent, on-time service."

Shielding materials
Shielding materials
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